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water and coffee and Africa

We’ve rounded the bend with this only-drinking-water-thing. I said I’d be giving up coffee and other beverages, and I have… for the most part.  ^^sportin’ the Blood:Water Mission shirt on Day 1^^ The headaches were the worst part, then the exhaustion set in. Then it was the snapping at my husband or at anyone else (Read More)

March 23, 2013 3

on drinking nothing but water for 40 days

I was planning to still drink coffee. It seemed unecessary to give it up, it’s just a drink after all, and I could donate 55¢ for each K-cup I pop into my high tech coffee machine. I’d still be giving up my syrupy sweet mochas and my smooth lattes and my wine on quiet Sunday (Read More)

February 12, 2013 8