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sleepy boys, working mama

on nurturing

One would think, I told myself, choosing nurture as one’s word for the year would necessitate a kind of gentle life, a quiet realm, a soft and soothing environment in which to nurture whatever it is one wishes to nurture.   Last year my word was release. It wasn’t a word I chose, but rather, (Read More)

January 23, 2013 12
Arianne, Ash and Sarah - Lake House 2012

rising up, calling them blessed

Spiritual mothers, my friend Sarah Bessey wrote, are a congregation of saints, the holy midwives witnessing and caring through the work of God birthed in a life. I read her words and nod, because, yes, I know these women, the ones in my own life. ** There I sit, on the edge of a blue (Read More)

November 8, 2012 21

when she burned all of her money

My grandmother’s bedroom smelled of Chanel No. 5 and peach lotion. I slept there when we visited, curled on my side and tucked under her quilt. She saw the world in flowery hues of mauve and burgundy and hints of green, and the traffic light outside her window highlighted their presence in this, her personal (Read More)

August 28, 2012 14

overheard conversations about God

  Wednesday nights I go to the coffee shop to listen to people talk. I say I’m going to write, when I leave those three boys with their daddy, but I step in the door and am lulled by the scent of burnt beans and the hum of conversation. I pay three dollars for a (Read More)

August 16, 2012 16

blackbird fly

After lunches of peanut butter and strawberry jam, I take the little one to his bed. He’s already four, and yet, without that hour of rest he falls asleep on couches or in cars or flat on a rug, surrounded by tiny race cars. The quiet of a darkened room staves off the over-exhaustion and (Read More)

January 17, 2012 11

on school

There was that moment I knew I’d do it. When I knew the decision had been made to send him to school. I had vowed since my own girlhood to keep any children I birthed with me, at home, always. But how much weight does a childhood self-promise hold when it’s simply the result of (Read More)

September 13, 2011 22