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The Love Chronicles: On Being Wanted

I’m convinced my husband hates me. We talk about it late at night, me with my knees pulled into my chest, leaning against the pillows. He is there, sprawled across the foot of the bed on his stomach, his chin resting on his folded forearms. I use my hands when I talk, wide and sweeping, (Read More)

October 30, 2013 30
On Happily Ever Afters - Ashleigh Baker

On Happily Ever Afters

I tend to be an all-or-nothing person. I’ve told you this before, haven’t I? I speak in shades of always and never, “here’s the thing” and “there’s nothing I hate more.” John sent a sigh-laugh from across the kitchen recently. “You know, there sure are a lot of individual issues you hate more than any (Read More)

October 16, 2013 31

grey days, always and never

I have a tendency toward habits, in the manner of forming them, burying myself in their layers, then coming up for air only to abandon all because, man, that was exhausting. Living in shades of all and never and none and always, one extreme to the other, I’ve apparently decided pendulums make thrilling swings. I’m (Read More)

May 24, 2013 31

simple stories
[an invitation to old-fashioned blogging]

Remember the old days when we shared our simple stories, when we told about our days and posted grainy point-and-shoot photos, when we were thrilled to hear of new babies and cross-country moves and the books being read and that dress you found on sale at Target last week? I miss that. And I suppose (Read More)

May 8, 2013 135

on being 27 and respecting the journey

A few years ago I caught the second half of a movie trailer in which Anne Hathaway is bemoaning her days spent working in a Mexican restaurant instead of pursuing her dreams. The story’s haphazard hero looks at her from behind a table and says, “Everyone’s lost at 25.” I picked up the movie when (Read More)

April 30, 2013 13

do what you do

My Sunday afternoon plan was to finish a work project I’d pushed aside until it was overdue. After lunch I tucked myself into the corner of the basement chaise while the small folk whooped and hollered and swung their wooden swords at each other, the cause of simultaneous mayhem and magic. Laptop, notes, to-do list, (Read More)

April 23, 2013 18