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On Finding Life

April 2013. Speeding north on I-95 in fading light, radio tuned to 101.5. Not listening. I don’t have a destination. Just a canvas tote in the passenger seat, a shirt and pair of jeans, toothbrush and a laptop. An old Bible shoved in the front pocket for good measure. A few hours of criss-crossing highways, drawing (Read More)

March 7, 2015 19

the third of december

This is our neighbor’s house. He pulls out box after box after box overflowing with lights the weekend after Halloween and by Thanksgiving the rooftops are shouting their blue rays above the neighborhood. People turn down our street for the sole purpose of pulling to the curb and snapping pictures. Until a few days ago, (Read More)

December 3, 2012 4


This is us, caught by my brother, in my cousin’s cozy home on Thanksgiving afternoon. A luggage topper teetered above our cobalt car as it carried us – my John, my tall brother, my three tiny men and me – over the roads from Virginia to Cincinnati. My mom and her handsome, wide-hearted Todd drove (Read More)

November 26, 2012 4

the tension of worse things

I trip down the stairs each morning, puffy eyed, hair wrapped in a band, clad in shorts and my husband’s triathlon t-shirt for pajamas. Kiss the baby and set him in his cradle to coo at a string of bright elephants crafted by women in Uganda. My eyes are accustomed to their presence and I (Read More)

July 24, 2012 11

The God Question

Just over a year ago I admitted that I’m not always sure I believe in God. In 1000 words, I traced my path to blind following, detailed the circumstances surrounding my crisis of faith, and illustrated my own desire to follow Christ anyway. I tied up the words with a pretty ribbon and presented them (Read More)

July 12, 2012 5

cleaning house

Yesterday I ignored the alarm. The baby had been up often during the wee hours and since he has spoiled his mother with a typical eight hours of sleep each night, I fancied myself justified in choosing an hour of dozing over my planned jog. By noon I was cursing that extra rest and the (Read More)

July 11, 2012 16