Why I Stopped Reading Faith Blogs


If you had asked me two years ago for a list of the top fifty faith bloggers, I could have provided you with that list and culled them into a rough top ten. And if you were interested in the the top twenty up-and-coming faith bloggers? I would have rattled off a few names you’ll recognize today as The Big Ones.

But now? Ask me about the most popular Christian writers online and, outside of the Deeper Story family and a few big names, I’ll scratch my head and bite my cheek and tell you I’m not really very sure.


A year and a half ago I stopped reading faith blogs.

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  1. Wendi Lane January 29, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    This was a great post!!! I know for me that I have to have times when I turn the “world” off and just reflect it is when I get the strength and answers I am looking for:)

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